Congratulations to Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner on becoming leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party.


Poplar and limehouse labour party

We are the Labour Party in Poplar and Limehouse – welcome to our website!

We are a democratic socialist party aiming to build a new society based on the needs of the many not the few

What We Do


— Membership

We currently have over 2,400 members in Poplar & Limehouse Labour. We welcome new members. Go to national Labour Party website to sign up. We are organised into ten branches that normally meet monthly. Each branch sends delegates to the General Committee that usually meets monthly. The coronavirus crisis has led to the suspension of all meetings until further notice.


— Networks

All our wards have Labour councillors active in your neighbourhood. They will hold surgeries and take up local issues. See Team Labour for more details. Our London Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan and GLA member Unmesh Desai can also be contacted for London-wide issues.


— Campaigns

We are a campaigning party. Our members are active on local, national and international issues from the impact of government austerity cuts on local services, defending the NHS, anti-racism to solidarity with peoples fighting for democratic and human rights like the Palestinians or Rohinga. We were very involved in trying to stop Brexit.


— We Educate

Labour branches will often have speakers on contemporary issues. We also have all member meetings from time to time. We also produce a weekly members newsletter that is circulated by email. 


— We inform

Our councillors provide reports to members on their activities. The Labour Mayor John Biggs,  our Labour MP, Apsana Begum and Greater London Assembly member, Unmesh Desai also provide reports. See Team Labour.  Many branches also have WhatsApp groups to keep members in touch.


— We are active

Besides involvement in many local campaigns our members are active in their communities, faith groups, voluntary organisations and affiliated groups like the Cooperative Party, Socialist Health Association or Fabian Society. Currently the coronavirus pandemic is creating huge challenges and members and representatives are organising to provide help and guidance and signpost support agencies.