Mile End Food Banks, in Tower Hamlets, London – Need Your Help!

By CLLR Puru Miah

Mile End Residents have set up two food banks, and they need your help. Please find below details to both food banks and details as to how you can help:

1. Burdett Estate Foodbank

Burdett Estate Mile End Food Bank

📢 Call out for help – Burdett Mile End Food Bank✨

▶️ Please help Burdett Food Bank with its fundraising, link below:

Amazing things happening at the Burdett Estate!

We’re raising £5,000 to Provide Emergency support to over 1200 households, over 5,000 residents.

Support Services Include:

🌟Foodbank-Hot Food/,Emergency Packages

🌟 Basic Medical Support and Other Supplies

🌟 Delivery Services for those in Isolation/Vulnerable.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

“Burdett Estate Together”

▶️ Link to the fundraising page

2. Limehouse Project Foodbank

Limehouse Project Food Bank

📢 Call Out For Volunteers! ✊

They have over 200 families now who have applied for food relief.

🌟To volunteer:

🌟If you need a food pack:

Cllr Puru Miah
Mile End


#MileEndSmilesBetter #Endz ✊🌹

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