Congratulations to Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner on becoming leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party

Coronavirus -What is to be done

Coming through the crisis


—We campaign

A People’s Bailout. These are unprecedented and difficult times. The Tory government must protect lives and livelihoods. Those with the broadest shoulders should pay to protect the poorest. It’s time for progressive taxation  and for the rich to pay their full share to ensure the vulnerable are not hit hardest in this crisis. Millions of people are losing their jobs. All need a proper living wage now. Banks should not be making any profit out of this crisis.


— We Build Networks

Mutual aid and local interventions from our Labour led council and Greater London Authority will be crucial in getting us through this crisis. 


— We protect

Stay safe, stay home. Only go out for essential provisions, medicines, work or exercise. Keep a two metre physical distance between yourselves and others.


— We educate

 Opportunities to invest in life-saving protective equipment (PPE) were lost in 2016 when the Tory government decided to ignore the advice of scientific and medical advisers.  Labour will put the health and wellbeing of people before the short-term profits of the few. Labour have argued from the start of this crisis for a policy of test, trace, treat and isolate as the best way to reduce the spread of the disease.


— We promote values of equality, solidarity and social justice

The Coronavirus illustrates that health and wellbeing should be free for all citizens irrespective of class and wealth. Our National Health Service and other public services should be cherished and invested in. The previous ten years of Tory austerity were unnecessary and wrong political choices. The people running these services  are now on the frontline of saving life.  


— We work to transform society

International co-operation, social and economic justice, wealth redistribution, debt cancellation for developing countries, the rule of law, democratic accountability and empowering working people to take control of their lives is at the heart of the democratic socialism we strive for.

What We Campaign for

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party says

Stay Home Stay Safe

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party 

Stay Safe Stay home

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party
Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party says

Invest in children’s education. for a National Education Service.

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party says

Labour wants properly government funded, locally provided nurseries and day care.

Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party says

All children and young people should have equal opportunities to reach their full potential regardless of class, gender or wealth.