Labour is a democratic socialist party

It believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone

Who We Are

We are open to all who subscribe to Labour values and aims

We welcome members from all communities, all faiths, whatever your gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or ability.

We aim to build a society that realises the potential of all and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

Enquiries: Please call the national helpline 03450922299

Currently all formal meetings are suspended due to covid-19

Covid19 is the biggest crisis we have faced in generations – our NHS is underfunded and understaffed, scientists are working round the clock to defeat this novel disease and we are all battling anxiety and concern for our loved ones. But we are not powerless.


Ordinary people up and down the country have organised in community support groups – to offer help to their neighbours and support each other through isolation and illness. If you need help, ideas about keeping healthy and active, please go to the website below and find out about your local mutual aid group:

Labour councillors are active in the wards they represent. Innovative support activities have been put in place to help the most vulnerable in our community. Leafleting elderly and vulnerable people providing information, offering to help with food deliveries and medicine collections are some of actions being undertaken. Residents are offered helplines and signposting to local agencies offering support, even if it’s a chat on the phone. Look out for announcements from the Mayor John Biggs and the council.


— Solidarity-A People's Bailout

Tower Hamlets has many small business and self employed workers. The government has provided a big bailout to corporations with guaranteed income large businesses. However, many will seek to pay the minimum–80 per cent of current earnings, and not pay the top-up. this represents pay cut for many. Additionally many workers have had to go on to Universal Benefit. The five week wait should be abolished so that people can claim their entitlement now. What’s  really needed is a bailout for those in desperate need, with no strings attached–a people’s bailout.


— Renters and the homeless

The government must guarantee that no renters face eviction as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Landlords can still serve eviction notices which could be implemented in six months time unless landlords are forbidden from giving eviction notices. This should not be a threat hanging over private renters. Tower Hamlets Council are seeking to provide hotel and empty home provision for the hundreds of rough sleepers in the borough. These are some of most vulnerable people in our community. they must be protected. The Labour Homeless Campaign has been providing some vital information and lobbying of government to provide additional funds to councils and charities in the front line of providing this support.


— Test, trace, isolate and treat

The government was slow to react. It’s pronouncements and actions have been playing constant catch-up. Of course only essential workers should be going to work. We should follow the guidance on staying at home, self isolating if we have any of the Covid-19 symptoms and only going out for exercise  and shopping for basics, maintaining a two metre distance when out. Labour have been lobbying hard for massively more testing of not just patients but all medical staff and social care workers as a priority. Further, the  government should be tracing confirmed cases contacts to get ahead of the disease.  this is the lesson of countries like South Korea and Germany where deaths have been kept low. 

The other key necessity must be the provision of adequate protective equipment (including proper masks and Hazmat tunics) for all front line medical staff and social care workers. Currently nowhere near sufficient is being provided.